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Fitness gifts for men

Top Health and Fitness gift ideas for men

Our list of gift ideas for men who love Health and Fitness includes the very best gifts for gym fanatics and fitness freaks. Whether he runs, lifts, or Namaste's, you'll find the right gift for him below.

A quick google search for men’s fitness gifts presents you with an overwhelming array of sports paraphernalia – some good, and some not so good. So how do you decide what (if anything) will make a good gift, and more importantly, one that he’ll actually use?

The items listed below are things that we’d not only love to receive as a gift, but could (and do) use in everyday life. Remember, gifts for him don’t have to be expensive. We don’t care how much something costs – we simply appreciate things that are useful to us. Luckily, the world of health and fitness is full of functional and inexpensive items that make great gifts. All you need to know is what’s rubbish and what isn’t, which is where we come in.

Keep reading for our top 10 Health and Fitness gift ideas for men.

10. A water bottle that he can run with

Our suggestion: Teknifit Running Grip Water Bottle

Selling points: Easy Grip Handle. Stylish look

Can be bought at: Amazon

Price when writing: £13.99

If he’s a long-distance runner, a good water bottle can make the perfect low-cost gift for him. You’ll want to choose one with a handle that’s easy to grip and something with a nozzle that’s easy to drink from while moving (no metal rims that can chip his teeth!).

We love this bottle from Teknifit, which has an excellent grip handle and holds just the right amount of water (350ml) for 5-15k runs. You might be wondering whether 350ml is enough. Well, the small capacity is, in fact, one of the things we love about his bottle. It holds just enough water to keep you hydrated with small sips, and that’s all we want when running. 


9. A good Excercise / Yoga Mat

Gruper Yoga Mat. Exercise gift for men

Our suggestion: Gruper TPE Yoga Mat

Selling points: Eco friendly and durable.

Can be bought at: Amazon

Price when writing: £24.99

If he does yoga or works out from home a lot, a quality exercise/yoga mat can make for a great inexpensive gift. I’ve been casually doing yoga for a couple of years now, and for half of that time, I used cheap mats that wore easily and left little bits of foam all over the house. Annoying as this was, a slightly more expensive mat wasn’t top on my priority list of things to buy for myself. However, it was greatly appreciated when my girlfriend got me a good quality one as a birthday present.

I’ve had the Gruper TPE Yoga Mat for about a year now, and I can’t recommend it enough. I use mine daily for yoga and core exercises, and as of yet, there are no real signs of wear and tear. It’s made from an eco-friendly material that is both cushioned and durable. Well worth the extra few pounds that it cost.


8. Grip Strengtheners

Grip strengtheners can make great low budget fitness gfts

Our suggestion: MegaMetz Hand Grip Strengthener Set

Selling points: Inexpensive. Thousands of positive Amazon reviews

Can be bought at: Amazon

Price when writing: £9.99

This one is almost exclusively for weightlifters and rock climbers. If he falls into either of those categories, then grip strengtheners could be an excellent exercise gift for him.

The best thing about Grip strengtheners is that they can be used anywhere and require minimal effort (I use mine while watching TV). 

Check out these from MegaMetz, which come as a set and are adjustable between 5-60kg. 


7. A meal-prep cookbook

Fit Men Cook

Our suggestion: Fit Men Cook: Kevin Curry

Selling points: Great reviews. 100+ recipes. Nicely illustrated.

Can be bought at: Amazon

Price when writing: £17.95 (used)

Anyone serious about health and fitness will know that nutrition is just as important as the time they spend in the gym. However, for those of us that aren’t aspiring chefs, it can be easy to fall into the trap of eating the same thing every day in the name of health. If you notice he’s having boiled chicken and broccoli a little too often, a meal-prep cookbook could be the health and fitness gift that he desperately needs.

Check out Fit Men Cook by Kevin Curry. This book has excellent reviews and features over 100 meal prep ideas.


6. Gift vouchers / Pre-paid sessions

Climbing - Active gifts for men

Our suggestion: A taster session for a new activity

Selling points: You get the chance to introduce him to a new hobby

Can be bought at: Google search is your friend here

Price when writing: Various

Hear me out. I know, gift vouchers might seem like a copout. However, pre-paying for an experience that you know he’ll love – that’s a wonderful gift.

Perhaps he’s been struggling to meet his training goals? Why not get him a few sessions with a personal trainer who can get him on the right track with a structured programme. Another great idea could be an adventure day or a taster session for a new activity such as rock climbing or kayaking.

I recently received a voucher for 10 sessions at my local bouldering gym which I thought was a brilliant active gift idea!


5. An adjustable dumbbell set

Iron Fitness - adjustable dumbbells. Men's fitness gift

Our suggestion: Iron Fitness – Body Technics Adjustable Dumbbells – Pair

Selling points: Cheaper than competitors. Come as a pair

Can be bought at: Amazon

Price when writing: £299.00

These make an awesome gift for men who work out. While they are expensive, they are also incredible value for money. Most standard adjustable dumbbells will usually cover various settings ranging from around 2 – 20kg, meaning that two of these will do the job of an entire dumbbell set while taking up a fraction of the space! Perfect if he is putting together a home gym or if he likes to squeeze in workouts whenever he feels like it.

Check out these by Iron Fitness, which have ten different weight settings (2.5kg, 5kg, 7.5kg, 10kg, 12.5kg, 15kg, 17.5kg,, 22.5kg, 25kg). They cost just £299 for a pair (most competitors cost close to that for just one). We haven’t tested these ourselves, but they are extremely well-reviewed on Amazon. 


4. A fitness tracker

Fitbit charge 4 - a great fitness gift for men

Our suggestion: Fitbit Charge 4

Selling points: Packed with features, including GPS and Spotify control

Can be bought at: Amazon

Price when writing: £129.99

Fitness trackers are all the rage in the Health ad Fitness world. If he’s a fitness fanatic, chances are he’ll already have one of these, but if not, then he’d probably very much appreciate you buying one as a gift for him.

Fitbit is the go-to brand when it comes to fitness trackers. You can, of course, find cheaper options, but Fitbit’s popular for a reason. If you have the money, it’s well worth investing in a reputable brand.

We suggest the Fitbit Charge 4, which comes packed full of all the fitness tracking features he could ever need, and best of all, has Spotify integration.


3. A portable blender

Our suggestion: PROMiXX iX-R Electric Shaker Bottle

Selling points: Well made. Excellent reviews. Rechargeable base

Can be bought at: Amazon

Price when writing: £29.99

A portable blender makes for an excellent men’s health and fitness gift. If he lifts weights, particularly for bodybuilding purposes, chances are he uses a weight gain/protein powder of some kind.

If you have to live with him, you may not want to encourage his protein shake consumption (unless your home is well ventilated). But otherwise, replacing his traditional shaker bottle with a portable blender will make his life easier and his shakes far less lumpy!

Check out this electric shaker bottle by PROMiXXwhich will only set you back £29.99 and benefits from a rechargeable base.


2. A set of barbell collars

Iron Lab Barbell Collars - unique gym gift for men

Our suggestion: Iron Lab Olympic Barbell Collar Pair

Selling points: Excellent reviews. Multiple Colour options. Low cost

Can be bought at: Amazon

Price when writing: £10.99

A set of Barbell Collars makes a unique and thoughtful gift for gym-goers. If you lift weights yourself, you’ll know how frustrating it is, having to search the gym for a barbell collar before you can get on with working out. These things never get put back where they are supposed to be!

So why not save him the frustration and give him a pair of his own?

This set from Iron Lab have various colour options, so you can make sure his Collars won’t get confused with the standard black ones that you’ll find in most gyms.


1. Wireless Ear Buds

JLab Audio JBuds Air - Men's Gifts

Our suggestion: JLab Audio JBuds Air True Wireless Earbuds

Selling points: Great quality for the price

Can be bought at: Amazon

Price when writing: £49.99

Wireless earbuds are, quite simply, brilliant! If you want a truly appreciated exercise gift for him, give the gift of not having to faff with wires while he runs, jumps or squats. 

You can shop some higher-end brands for around the £100-150 mark If you have the money to spend. However, If on a tighter budget, the are some fantastic options that cost around half that. We recommend the JLab Audio JBuds Air True Wireless Earbuds

This isn’t the first time the JBuds have featured on one of my lists, and that’s because they are awesome for the price. I’ve had mine for over a year and they have endured everything I’ve thrown at them while running and exercising in all kinds of weather. In terms of battery life and sound quality, both are good for the price, but don’t expect them to compete with the high-end brands. If you want Beats quality audio, buy Beats.