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Gift ideas for men who always look their best

Gift Ideas for Men who always like to look their best

From what he wears to how he grooms - if his appearance is important to him, our list of gift ideas will give you all the inspiration you need to find him the perfect present to nurture his vanity.

Vanity is a bit of a dirty word. Nobody likes admitting to being vain, but we all are.

Everyone cares about their appearance on some level. Even that guy pulling off an effortless I don’t give a f*** look probably spent a fair bit of time considering how to look like he doesn’t give a f***.

Some, though, embrace their vanity more than others. And that’s ok. In fact, for the gift shopper, it’s great. A vain man presents you with a huge variety of gift options!

So if looking his absolute best day-to-day is as important to him as eating and sleeping, you’re in the right place – we’ve got the perfect gift ideas for him.

Read on for our list of the best style, fashion, and personal care gifts for men

1. The Lawnmower 4.0

The lawnmower 4.0 - our no.1 grooming gift for men

Our suggestion: THE LAWN MOWER™ 4.0

Selling points: Specifically designed for safe and effective use on delicate areas

Can be bought at: Amazon

Price when writing: £90.00

To be clear, Manscaped’s Lawnmower 4.0 (and its predecessors), while perfectly capable of trimming a beard, is not designed or marketed as a beard trimmer. If you want a top of the range beard trimmer, you’d be best off looking elsewhere.

So what is a Lawnmower 4.0 good for? Well, it’s primarily a pubic hair trimmer and a very good one at that!

The Lawnmower 4.0, is wireless, waterproof, and quiet, but its true selling point is in the ease and confidence with which you can shave your delicate parts without the risk of ‘catching’ any skin.

If he takes his personal grooming seriously, he’ll absolutely love receiving one of these as a gift!


2. An ‘all-rounder’ watch

Pioneer Mens watch - a perfect stylish gift for men

Our suggestion: Pioneer Watch from Nordgreen

Selling points: A stylish all-rounder

Can be bought at: Pioneer

Price when writing: £219.00

Watches feature on a number of our lists, and that’s because they make fantastic gifts for men! A watch is a personal item, and as long as it’s well-made, it will be something he’ll value and treasure for many years.

Watches come in several different styles, so we suggest going for an all-rounder that will look just as good paired with jogging bottoms as it does with a blazer.

Check out the Pionner by NordgreenThis stylish number successfully straddles the lines between smart and casual, classic and contemporary – he’ll literally be able to pair this with anything. Best of all, you have a choice of colour options for the watch face, the body, and the strap, so you can personalise it to match his style!


3. Sunglasses

Ray-Ban rounded sunglasses - fashion gifts for men

Our suggestion: Ray-Ban round sunglasses

Selling points: A unique frame shape that will help him stand out from the crowd

Can be bought at: Amazon

Price when writing: £82.00

Sunglasses are an essential accessory for the fashion-conscious man and make great gifts.

You don’t have to spend a fortune here, but if you’ve ever worn a pair of those knock-off shades you get for $5 on a Thai beach, you’ll know that it’s worth splashing out a bit on a decent pair.

We recommend Rayban’s range of ‘Round’ sunglasses, which make a refreshing change from the usual suspects (Aviators and Wayfarers). The small rounded frames look great on most face shapes and suit any style! 


4. Some stylish headphones

Beats Studio3 headphones - mens style gifts

Our suggestion: Beats Studio3 Wireless Noise Cancelling Over-Ear Headphones

Selling points: Slick and stylish with top quality audio. Long battery life

Can be bought at: Amazon

Price when writing: £270.00

Since the days of the walkman, personal tech has steadily been working its way into the world of fashion, with phones, smartwatches, fitness trackers, and headphones now contributing as much to individual style as clothes themselves.

In a thriving and competitive audio market, you should have no trouble finding some quality headphones to match his style. But if you’re unsure, we recommend the Beats Studio 3 Wireless Headphones. These have all the great technical features that we’ve come to expect from beats, and the simple slick design looks fantastic! 

If he prefers a subtle look, you can play it safe with the all-black option, but if he likes to stand out, check out some of the other colour choices available!


5. A luxury skincare kit

Kiehl's Facial Fuel - the perfect cosmetic gift for him

Our suggestion: Kiehl’s Mens Facial Fuel set

Selling points: Tried and tested – the facial fuel has been around for a while and has large following of loyal users

Can be bought at: Kiehl’s

Price when writing: £52.75

I used to insist that expensive skincare products were a scam. Part of me still thinks that expensive skincare products are a scam – we all get old in the end!

That said, now in my mid-30s and regularly noticing new facial lines, I’m starting to wish I’d treated my skin a bit better up to this point.

And I have to admit that upgrading from the store-brand moisturiser I used once a week to a proper skincare routine with quality products is probably having a positive effect!

Check out the Mens Facial Fuel set from Kiehl’s. This 3 item set contains a moisturiser, a scrub, and a wash (everything he’ll need to kick off a new skincare routine). 


6. A casual blazer

Polo Soft Knit Mesh Suit Jacket

Our suggestion: Ralph Lauren Polo Soft Knit Mesh Suit Jacket

Selling points: Superior quality to high street alternatives

Can be bought at: Ralph Lauren

Price when writing: £315.00

Bolster his style by decking out his wardrobe with an iconic casual blazer.

The casual blazer has seen a massive rise in popularity lately, and rightly so – it’s an incredibly versatile type of jacket that’s just as at home with shorts and trainers as it is with smart trousers and shoes.

We love this classic Polo Soft Knit Mesh Suit Jacket from Ralph Lauren. It’s a genuine ‘goes with anything’ type of blazer and would make a fantastic wardrobe gift! If the price tag is an issue, shop around a bit and you’ll find plenty of jackets with a similar look that cost slightly less.


7. A quality electric toothbrush

Oral-B Genius 9000

Our suggestion: Oral-B Genius 9000 CrossAction Electric Toothbrush

Selling points: Multiple brushing modes. Long battery life. Slick design

Can be bought at: Amazon

Price when writing: £180.22

All the designer clothes and expensive haircuts in the world can’t beat a nice smile. Sure, with a bit of effort, you can maintain your teeth perfectly well the old fashioned way, but why not let technology do the hard work for you?

On the small chance that he still brushes manually, get him any electric toothbrush, and he’ll be grateful! But if he already owns one, you still have the opportunity to blow him away by upgrading him to a high-end model (if you have the budget).

The Oral-B genius series has produced some of the best electric toothbrushes on the market, and you can find them with some huge discounts on Amazon.

Take a look at the OraL-B Genius 9000 in midnight black. This brush includes some great features such as a pressure sensor, six brushing modes, and position detection. It also comes with four brush heads, a USB charging travel case, and a smartphone holder. 


8. A GQ magazine subscription

GQ Magazine - a subscriptio makes a great mens style gift

Can be bought at: GQ

Price when writing: £29.00 (1 year)

GQ is a brilliant monthly men’s magazine that covers style, culture, grooming, fitness, and more – essentially everything a man needs to keep himself looking and feeling his very best.

At the time of writing, £29.00 will cover a whole year’s subscription, which includes both print and digital.


9. A multifunctional pull-up bar

Iron Age - Pull Up Bar

Our suggestion: Iron Age Pull Up Bar

Selling points: A unique design that allows proper functionality. Great for taller men

Can be bought at: Amazon

Price when writing: £109.24

These things are perfect for anyone who likes to keep in shape but doesn’t always have the time for long sessions at the gym. Most are built to accommodate pull-ups, chin-ups, dips, and pushups.

It’s worth avoiding the cheapest models here and instead opting for something a little more robust.

We strongly recommend the Iron Age Pull Up Barwhich, at £82.25, is one of the more expensive home pull up bars, but is one of the best on the market and worth every penny!

The Iron Age Pull Up Bar is solidly built and has some standout features that set it apart from much of the competition. Most notably, the bar itself doesn’t sit against the door, which means you can actually use the wide grips without trapping your fingers between the bar and the doorframe. Secondly, the bar sits high above the top of the doorframe (rather than beneath the top of the doorframe), which means taller men can use this without having to curl their legs up! 


10. A city bag

Ted Baker document bag

Our suggestion: Ted Baker Men’s Cherade Document Bag

Selling points: Can be worn over the shoulder or handheld. Perfect size for a small-medium laptop

Can be bought at: Amazon

Price when writing: £79.00

One for the office workers – nothing compliments his office style like a slick city bag. Let him ditch the backpack in favour of a stylish over the shoulder satchel that looks great while neatly organising his laptop and documents. 

We’re big fans of the Cherade Document Bag from Ted Baker. This bag oozes sophistication, perfectly complements a smart or smart-casual outfit and is just the right size for a small-medium sized laptop.


11. Aftershave / Cologne

Polo Black by Ralph Lauren - Men's vanity gifts

Our suggestion: Polo Black by Ralph Lauren

Selling points: A distinctive masculine fragrance

Can be bought at: Amazon

Price when writing: £62.49 (125ml)

Technically, this has nothing to with how he looks. But, it’s safe to assume that any man who takes pride in his appearance also cares how he smells.

With so many fragrances to chose from, making a decision can be somewhat of a challenge, so we suggest deciding on a budget first. Think in the regions of £30 – £60, £60 – £100, and £100+. 

Once you’ve decided on a price range, you find it much easier to narrow down your options.

A solid favourite of ours in the £60 – £100 price range is Ralph Lauren’s Polo Black. This fragrance has been around since 2005 but remains a popular choice amongst men looking for a unique and bold scent. 

Polo Black remains distinctly masculine despite the tropical and fruity top notes, lending to its enduring appeal.


12. A beard care kit

MO BROS beard kit for men - Mens cosmetic gift ideas

Our suggestion: MO BROS – Beard Grooming Kit For Men

Selling points:

Can be bought at: Amazon

Price when writing: £19.99

Beards are big business. At some point over the last ten years, we men realised that we could hide our not so impressive jawlines with hair, and women realised that they found us more attractive when we did. So began the rise of the beard.

If he’s like me and struggles to grow much more than a shadow of stubble, a beard care kit might not be the best idea. But if he’s one of the lucky ones who can grow a glorious chin mane, you may have found yourself the perfect low-budget gift for him. 

Take a look at this beard grooming kit from beard care specialists MO BROS. This nicely packaged gift set includes beard oil, beard butter, beard soap, comb, trimming scissors, and a travel bag. 


13. A wash bag

Ted Baker - wash bag

Our suggestion: Ted Baker – Leather washbag

Selling points: The unmistakeable Ted Baker design that help this bag to stand apart from some lower cost alternatives

Can be bought at: TED BAKER

Price when writing: £65

If he’s the kind of guy that takes an entire cupboard’s worth of cosmetic products with him each time he goes to the gym or stays overnight somewhere, he’ll need a good bag to keep it all in.

A wash bag can make for a nice low-cost gift which can be made even better by personalising with his name or initials – you’ll find plenty of sellers on Etsy that offer personalised options!

However, if you want to get him something extra special, check out this stylish Leather Wash Bag from Ted Baker.


14. A nail grooming Kit

H&S nail grooming kit - mens cosmetic gift idea

Our suggestion: H&S nail grooming kit

Selling points: An expensive gift idea. A well made and nicely packed gift

Can be bought at: Amazon

Price when writing: £8.99

A nail grooming kit isn’t high up there on the list of things that men tend to buy for themselves. However, we could all do with one, and they make excellent inexpensive gifts.

Check out this attractive 14-piece set from H&S.