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The best gift ideas for handymen and tradesman

Need a gift for a tradesman or DIY enthusiast? Look no further. Whether he's a pro or an amateur 'I can fix that' guy, we've got the perfect gift ideas for him.

Tools and Gadgets can make great gifts for men who like DIY or work in a trade. However, if you want to get him a gift he’ll use and appreciate, you need to make sure that what you give him isn’t just some novelty item, especially if he is a tradesman.

Coming from a family of tradesmen, I can tell you first-hand that they don’t really want to be reminded of work every time they open a gift (a new hammer may have been nice that one year, but not necessary every year since). With that said, get them something they don’t already have but could make good use of, and they will certainly appreciate it.

What about men who aren’t professional tradesmen?

DIYer’s (such as myself), whose day job involves sitting at a desk, are far easier to please! Our box of hardly used tools/DIY gadgets makes us feel manly, even if it only comes out once a year to hang a picture frame. We love receiving gifts to add to our collection, and it doesn’t matter if they aren’t top of the range or have a slight ‘novelty’ feel (we don’t need to worry about being laughed at by the other builders).

With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of gift ideas that we think will please tradesmen and amateurs alike. However, some of our suggestions may be more suited to one or the other, and in these cases, we’ll let you know.

Read on for our list of the best tradesman and DIY gift ideas

1. A good quality combi drill

Makita Combi Drill - out top DIY gift for men

Our suggestion:  Makita HP457DWE10 Combi Drill

Selling points: A big name in power tools. Long warranty. Huge variety of accessories included

Can be bought at: Amazon

Price when writing: £129.43

If he’s a tradesman, he’ll likely already have a drill, but it might be years old and in need of an upgrade, in which case, a new one would make his day! And if he isn’t a tradesman, but fancies himself as a bit of a handyman, upgrading his cheap or non-existent drill to something he can show off when his mates are over is a sure way to put a smile on his face.

We suggest the Makita HP457DWE10 Combi Drill. Makita is an industry leader in power tools, meaning he’ll have no shame in getting this out at work. And if it’s only going to get used around the house, he can at least feel like a pro!

With a spare battery and a 74 piece accessory set included, the HP457DWE10 is well worth the price. 


2. A well made work knife

Milwaukee Fastback work knife -a great gift for tradesmen

Our suggestion: MILWAUKEE Fastback Folding Pocket Knife

Selling points: Robust design. Excellent quality

Can be bought at: Amazon

Price when writing: £36.99

No tradesman ever goes to work without a pocket knife (widely known as a ‘Stanley’ knife here in the UK). Likewise, no home toolbox is without one (at least, it shouldn’t be). 

These things are so versatile and get used for countless different jobs. The downside, though, is that they are often a little flimsy and don’t last long. That’s why a good quality knife can make such a good gift for tradesmen and DIYer’s! It’s something he will use all the time, so he’ll really appreciate one that’s well made.

We suggest the MILWAUKEE Fastback Folding Pocket Knife. At £36.99, it is expensive for a work knife, but if you want to impress him with something a bit special, then this will certainly do the trick – they are extremely well made. 

If you’re on a lower budget, though, something like the Rolson 62845 will be more than adequate to replace his old plastic box-cutter.


3. A Tool Belt

Stanley Tool Belt - DIY Gift

Our suggestion: Stanley STST1-80113 Leather Tool Belt

Selling points: Low cost. Well made. Looks great

Can be bought at: Amazon

Price when writing: £25.10

Men love tool belts – this is a fact. It’s probably because a tan leather tool belt equipped with a hammer and drill is about as close as we’ll ever get to dressing like a cowboy with a gun on each hip or a medial knight with a sword sheathed at our side. Of course, they are also extremely useful if you build stuff for a living, but you don’t have to be a master carpenter to own one. There is no shame in getting your tool belt on to put up a chest of drawers from Ikea!

If he is a tradesman, you’re going to want to get something robust and versatile as he’ll be using it every day and putting it under a lot of strain. We suggest something like the DEWALT DWST1-75552, which is built for heavy use and allows custom pouch placement.

If it will only see moderate use or is just for use around the house, though, this leather Tool Belt from Stanley will make the perfect gift for the handyman.


4. A good Tool Box

Stanley Tool Box

Our suggestion: Stanley 197514 24-inch Tote With Organiser

Selling points: Heavy duty. Detachable organiser. Low cost

Can be bought at: Amazon

Price when writing: £30.00

Essential for tradesmen, and the first item on the list for anyone putting together a home tool kit – the Toolbox makes a great gift for any handyman – amateur or pro.

Chances are, however, any tradesman who needs a toolbox already has one. So unless he’s been complaining about needing an upgrade, this gift idea might be best for the amateur DIY enthusiast who currently has all of his tools rattling around in an old shoebox.

Check out this heavy-duty box from Stanley, with a detachable top section for organising small parts.


5. Magnetic telescopic pickup tool

Preciva - Magnetic pick up tool. Men's tool box gift idea

Our suggestion: Preciva – Magnetic Telescoping Pick Up Tool

Selling points: Low-cost. Great reviews. LED light.

Can be bought at: Amazon

Price when writing: £9.02

These are extremely useful for anyone who does fiddly work involving small parts that might get dropped in hard to reach places (mechanics, electrical engineers etc.). They also make a great addition to any home tool kit. 

You can pick these up for less than £10, making them the perfect low-budget or small gift item for handymen, engineers, or hobbyists. Check out this model from Precivawhich features a strong magnet and an LED light, making finding and retrieving lost items even easier! 


6. Multi Allen key (hex key)

Dewalt Multi hex key

Our suggestion: DEWALT DWHT70263M Folding Locking Hex Key Set, MM

Selling points: Sturdy build from a well known manufacturer.

Can be bought at: Amazon

Price when writing: £27.78

This is one of the most practical and useful items that you can have in a toolbox. If you’ve ever done any manual work, even just putting up household furniture, you’ll probably have used hex keys at some point, and you’ll know how frustrating it can be when you don’t have the right size key.

With a handy all-in-one multi-key, he’ll never have that problem again, plus this compact little device will save him having to buy and store an entire set of separate keys. Best of all though, he’ll no longer have the problem of losing all those loose keys! One of these is just a fantastic low-cost gift for handymen and tradesmen.

We suggest the DEWALT DWHT70263M Folding Locking Hex Key Set, which includes keys of 8 different sizes. You can pick up cheaper models from other manufacturers, but with DEWALT, you know you’re getting a quality product that is built to last.


7. A thermal flask

Thermos flask - perfect gift for builders

Our suggestion: Thermos Stainless King Flask

Selling points: Excellent quality. Very well reviewed.

Can be bought at: Amazon

Price when writing: £24.99

This gift idea is intended more for the career tradesman than the occasional DIYer. If he works outdoors, on-site, or anywhere where he might not have access to tea and coffee, a good thermal flask is an absolute must.

We suggest a Thermos Stainless King Flask. These things are excellent (the amazon reviews and ratings speak for themselves). They are well made, don’t leak, and most importantly – they keep stuff hot (very hot), or cold for that matter. Whatever you put in there, it’s staying that temperature for a long time!


8. A pocket level (spirit level)

Stabila pocket level - perfect small gifts for handymen

Our suggestion: Stabila 17953 179533 Pocket Magnetic Bubble Level

Selling points: Vertical and horizontal levelling. Side magnets

Can be bought at: Amazon

Price when writing: £13.49

Pocket levels are great for levelling at heights or in confined spaces where it isn’t safe or possible to use a full-size model. They are also a perfect addition to the home toolbox, particularly if you don’t have the space to store a full-size level. 

Available from anywhere between £5 – £20, one of these handy little tools make for a perfect small-gift item for him.

Check out this model from Stabila, which includes both vertical and horizontal levelling and magnetic sides, which make this level particularly useful when working with metal surfaces!