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Romantic gift ideas for men

Romantic gifts for men (that aren’t rubbish)

So you want to give him a gift that says romance but have no idea where to start? Perhaps you're wondering if there is even such a thing as a romantic gift for a man? Keep reading. We'll try to help.

You probably won’t be surprised if I tell you that, in general, men don’t put much value on how romantic a gift is. But even so, if it’s an occasion like an anniversary or valentines day, you might feel inclined to get him something a touch more personal or, dare I say it, ‘romantic’ than a new cardigan.

Traditionally-romantic gifts aren’t really an option here – I don’t presume to speak for every man, but I would hazard a guess that most of us don’t really care for flowers or nicely packaged chocolates. And, I can also say with some degree of confidence that the only interest we have in diamonds and other fancy stones is how much money somebody else will give us for them. 

So what gifts can you offer which fall under the category of ‘romantic’ while also being of the remotest interest to him? The truth is, there isn’t much. And if you think I sound cynical here, try google searching ‘romantic gifts for men’ and be amazed at the irrelevant garbage presented to you. 

Is this really the best the internet can do – an endless assortment of otherwise ordinary household items, apparently made romantic only by the addition of a personalised sentence? Are we men so pathetic we need reminding that Beth loves us every time we take a sip of tea? Well, probably, yes. But there are better ways to tell him that you love him, and we’re going to enlighten you – or at least attempt to…

Here’s our very short list of romantic gift ideas for men

1. A weekend getaway/spa break

A romantic getaway - our top romantic gift idea for men

One of the few traditionally romantic gifts that he’ll enjoy just as much as you do, a weekend getaway tops our list of romantic gift ideas for men.

Life is stressful, so no man is going to turn his nose up at a relaxing break. Throw in a professional massage and some hot tub/sauna time with his favourite person (that’s you), and you’ve got a recipe for the perfect romantic gift for him. 

If you’re on a budget, check out what deals you can find on websites like Wowcher or Groupon.


2. A watch

The Minimalist by fossil - watches make perfect romantic gifts for men

Our suggestion: The Minimalist by Fossil

Selling points: Classic design. Large eye-catching face. Great quality at a reasonable price

Can be bought at: Fossil

Price when writing: £109.00

Watches can be very personal gifts for men. A good watch, given by a loved one, is something he could cherish for his entire life, and it may even get passed down to younger generations. It’s our equivalent of a ring or necklace.

The type of watch you go for will depend on his personal style. But if you’re aiming for romantic, it might be best to avoid ‘sporty’ and go for a dress watch (think leather strap and a classic watch face).

Your budget will be a factor here as watches can cost anywhere from tens to thousands of pounds. Just remember, you don’t have to re-mortgage your house to get him something that he’ll love. Yes, we’d all like a Rolex, but back in the real world, we’ll love whatever you give us!

For low-budget and high-quality, we suggest The Minimalist from Fossil. It is, as it’s its name suggests, minimalistic in design, yet still manages to catch the eye and oozes class. I’ve had one of these for a while now, and I rarely take it off. It works well as an everyday watch paired with jeans and a t-shirt but really comes into its own when worn with a shirt on more formal occasions. Considering it cost just over £100, it’s received a surprising amount of compliments! 


3. A fragrance

Jo Malone Huntsman trousseau Collection

Our suggestion: Jo Malone Whisky & Cedarwood Cologne

Selling points: Unique masculine scent. Affordable luxury

Can be bought at: Jo Malone

Price when writing: £130.00

When it comes to romantic gifts for men, you just can’t go wrong with a bottle of aftershave or cologne. It’s a gift for him that you get to enjoy too, and there is something inherently romantic about choosing a scent for another person.

Of course, if he has a favourite fragrance already, you can always play it safe and stick with what you know. But if he doesn’t already have a signature scent, or if you’re just feeling adventurous, you can add an extra romantic touch by giving him something new and unique.

In the £30-£80 price range, consider one of the classics like Jean Paul Gaultier’s le male or Dior’s Sauvage.  

As a quick honourable mention – if money is no issue and you want to treat him to something truly special, it can only be Creed’s Aventus Cologne. It is, quite simply, one of, if not the best luxury cologne available.

However, In the more affordable £100-£200 price range, we suggest the exquisite Huntsman trousseau Collection from Jo Malone (in particular the Whisky & Cedarwood Cologne). If you want him to be the best smelling man in the room (and probably the whole town), then this will do the trick!


4. An appointment at a high-end barbers

A trip to a good barber can be a great gift for him

It’s not at all unusual for women to get gifted with beauty treatments, but a salon day isn’t exactly the go-to gift idea for men. Sometimes though, it pays to think outside the box and not be put off by society’s standard for ‘the norm’.

We aren’t saying you should send him for a facial and manicure (unless that’s his thing, in which case go for it). But you can book him in for a haircut and shave at a high-end barbers – something a bit more upmarket than his usual £15 trim on the high street. He’ll come out looking and feeling great, which is a gift for you too!

You’ll have to do a bit of snooping around on google to find the right place near you, but as a general rule, the price is often a good indicator of the level of service and quality. With that said, you need to check google reviews, and most importantly, make sure you speak to someone to find out exactly what to expect if you send him there.

5. A tatoo

Tattoo as a romantic gift

No, we are not suggesting you get his name tattooed across your lower back (or anywhere else). Do not EVER get his name (or anything to do with him) tattoed on your body. He will not appreciate it, and you will regret it.

What we’re suggesting is, if tattoos are his thing, pay for him to get one. Just make sure it has absolutely nothing to do with you. Not your name, not your face, no ‘Carl & Amy 4 eva’. Follow those basic rules, and you have an awesome romantic gift idea.

So what makes this a romantic gift? Well, tattoos are extremely personal. By gifting him a tattoo, you’re gifting him something intimate. But please, please, please, only do this if you and your partner can both be trusted to be sensible! 

6. Something for the bedroom

Something for the bedroom - Romantic gifts for him

When all else fails, there’s always sex.

We’re pretty easily pleased, us men. So much so that you can get away with buying something for yourself, like new underwear or a sex toy, and passing it off as a gift for us! And yeah…we’ll take it!

So if you’re really struggling for a romantic gift idea, and nothing else on this list takes your fancy, why not buy yourself some nice new underwear and a bottle of massage oil and rejoice in the knowledge that this ‘gift for him’ is really just you spending money on yourself and getting a massage before having the sex that you were probably going to have anyway. Enjoy 😉

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