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Gifts for outdoorsy men

Great gift ideas for men who love the outdoors

No clue what to buy an outdoorsy man? Fear not. Whether he's an experienced woodsman or just a guy who watches a bit too much Bear Grylls, we’ve got the perfect outdoors gift idea for him.

When gift shopping for men, considering their interests can be a great place to start. Unfortunately, not all hobbies present practical or affordable gift buying opportunities – I love guitars, but I don’t expect a new one from my partner each birthday and Christmas. No need to worry here though – this isn’t another one of those articles suggesting you fly him off to Scandinavia to view the aurora borealis through a £2000 per night glass igloo.

Men who enjoy camping/bushcraft, or just enjoy nature and the outdoors, are VERY easy to buy for and you don’t need to break the bank.

We outdoorsy types love our gear, and luckily for anyone gift shopping for an outdoorsy man, you’ve got plenty of affordable and quality equipment to choose from. We also love nature, which can be found almost anywhere, and if you’re paying a fortune for it, you’re doing it wrong!

So without further delay, here are our top gift ideas for the outdoors enthusiast.

10. Sleeping mat

ECOTEK Outdoors Hybern8 Ultralight Inflatable Sleeping Pad - outdoor gifts for men

Our suggestion: ECOTEK Outdoors Hybern8 Ultralight Inflatable Sleeping Pad

Selling points: Ultra lightweight, durable, fast inflating

Can be bought at: Amazon

Price when writing: £34.95

If you’ve ever slept on the floor of a tent without a mat, you’ll know exactly why a regular camper would appreciate one.

With good quality, low-budget mats now weighing next to nothing and taking up almost no space, there is no reason for him to play Martyr and go camping without one. Give the gift of good sleep!

We recommend the ECOTEK Outdoors Hybern8 Ultralight Inflatable Sleeping Pad which is durable while remaining lightweight, easy to inflate, and super affordable!


9. A bush craft / survival book

Ray Mears - Bushcraft : Outdoor gifts for him

Our suggestion: Essential Bushcraft by Ray Mears

Selling points: It’s Ray Mears so you know it’s good

Can be bought at: Amazon

Price when writing: £14.99

Books make great gifts, but if you’re going to get him one, be sure it’s something he’ll actually want to read. If he’s already an experienced outdoorsman, a how-to book may not be his thing. But if it’s something he does casually or just something he’s interested in, then a bushcraft guide could make an excellent gift.

You’ll have a lot of options here, so if in doubt, Essential Bushcraft by Ray Mears is one you can’t go wrong with!


8. Ferro Rod

Ember Rock Survival Fire Steel - outdoor gift ideas

Our suggestion: Ember Rock Survival Fire Steel

Selling points: A well-made little item with an easy to grip wooden handle

Can be bought at: Amazon

Price when writing: £7.95

Another essential piece of kit for any outdoorsman – the Ferro Rod is essentially a lighter for those of us who like to stroke our own egos with a more hands-on approach to fire lighting.

There are hundreds of Ferro Rods on the market, and they are all essentially the same – a rod and a striker that create sparks. They cost next to nothing, which makes them a great low budget gift option. It really doesn’t matter which one you buy, but we’ve recommended the Ember Rock Survival Fire Steel, simply because I have one myself and have no complaints.


7. A compact gas stove

MSR Pocket Rocket - a practical gift for men

Our suggestion: MSR Pocket Rocket 2 Portable Stove

Selling points: A high quality piece of kit from a well know brand at a great price

Can be bought at: Amazon

Price when writing: £34.46

One of these is an absolute must for anyone who spends a lot of time camping. Whether on long hikes through the mountains or relaxing at a music festival, a compact gas stove will ensure he can always enjoy a hot breakfast and cup of coffee.

These things weigh next to nothing, and the gas canisters themselves barely add any extra baggage. There are tons of these on the market, but we think the best for quality and value for money is the tried and tested MSR PocketRocket. People who own these love them. Just check out the reviews!


6. A pair of binoculars

High Power Binoculars by Kylietech - these make a great gift for outdoorsy men

Our suggestion: Kylietech 12×42 lightweight Binoculars

Selling points: Comes with mobile phone adaptor for taking photos. Very good quality for the price. Very well reviewed on Amazon

Can be bought at: Amazon

Price when writing: £29.99

Synonymous with the pervert, binoculars might not be your first choice of gift, which is unfortunate because they are an incredible piece of kit for anyone spending a lot of time outdoors. Think about it, all that beautiful nature brought closer without having to move. Best of all, you don’t have to shop the big-name brands to pick up a decent pair (which start at around $50).

If you’re on a budget, there are some great entry-level options available, such as these lightweight 12×42 Binoculars from Kylietech, which come with a phone adaptor for taking photos and are backed up by thousands of 5star Amazon reviews. At the time of writing, a set of these will only set you back £29.99.


5. Take him camping

Star gazing - a free outdoor gift for him

Our suggestion: Camping and Star Gazing

Selling points: It’s fun. It’s cheap. It’s good for you..

Can be bought at: Planet Earth

Price when writing: Whatever you make it

A slightly more intimate option, probably best reserved for your significant others or close friends rather than your uncle Keith. Take him outdoors, camp, look at the night sky, and breathe nice air. He’ll appreciate this more than any material gift!

Best of all, this can be done almost anywhere and can be achieved on a shoestring budget.


4. A day pack

Osprey Stratos 26 | Men's gift

Our suggestion: Osprey Europe Men’s Stratos 26 Ventilated Hiking Pack

Selling points: High-end without being unaffordable

Can be bought at: Amazon

Price when writing: £85.00

If he’s into hiking, a good purpose-made day pack is another must. Yes, he can make do with just any old rucksack, but do you really want him out there in the mountains looking like some kind of amateur, getting laughed at by everyone who catches a glimpse of him with his city bag made for transporting a laptop and lunchbox to and from the office? No, you don’t want that. So buy him a proper bag that makes him feel like he belongs out there.

There are loads of absolute bargains to be found, such as this one by MOUNTAINTOP (another item on this list owned and loved by me). But if you want that extra bit of quality, we suggest the Osprey Stratos 26 – it’s one of the best on the market for around the £100 mark.


3. A GoPro

GoPro Hero8 Bundle - the best gifts for outdoorsy men

Our suggestion: GoPro HERO8 Bundle

Selling points: Includes mount and head-strap, spare battery, and SD card

Can be bought at: Amazon

Price when writing: £329.99

By far the most expensive item on this list, a GoPro certainly isn’t a small-gift item (despite its size). However, if you’re looking to spend some money, one of these little devices is going to make the perfect companion for anyone who enjoys documenting his adventures out in the wild.

The HERO8 bundle includes a head strap (great for sports use), and a handle that also doubles up as a freestanding mount, plus a spare battery and 32G SD card.


2. Compact cook set

Stanley cook set - mens camping gift

Our suggestion: Stanley Adventure 6-piece stainless steel cook set

Selling points: 2 bowls and 2 spoons incase he has company. Nests away and even includes space for a small gas container

Can be bought at: Amazon

Price when writing: £32.99

While pots and pans might not seem the most glamorous of gifts, anyone who prides themselves on camping light will love one of these compact cook sets. They are super economical, helping you pack lighter, take up less space, and keep things organised.

This set from Stanley even has space for you to store a small canister for your gas stove, which quite frankly, is awesome.


1. A good knife

Morakniv Companion Knife - our best gift for men who love the outdoors

Our suggestion: Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife

Selling points: An excellent knife from a trusted brand at an unbeatable price

Can be bought at: Amazon

Price when writing: $20.00

Why a knife above all else? Because us men love them. We may rarely use it, but we still like to have one on us when we’re outdoors – you never know when a stick might need sharpening!

Seriously though, a knife really does make a great gift. There is something inexplicably personal about a knife. It’s something that he’ll genuinely cherish, and a well-made one will last as long as he can avoid losing it. If on a budget, the Morakniv Companion is our recommendation (another item that I own and love). However, if you’ve got a bit more money to spare and want to give him something truly special, take a look at these personalised bushcraft blades available through Etsy.