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Gifts for music lovers

Great gift ideas for men who love music

Need help thinking up a musical gift idea for the music-obsessed man? Check out our top 10 Music gifts for men.

So you thought you’d have an easy time finding a gift for a music lover; there must be thousands of interesting musical gift items to choose from, right? Wrong. In reality, you found yourself scrolling through endless pages of novelty items – the type of stuff you’d give to your office secret Santa, not to someone that you love. You soon realised that genuinely worthwhile musical gift ideas are, in fact, not so easy to come by.

Sound familiar? You’re not alone in this boat. Countless gift buyers before you have found themselves wondering how they got duped into thinking that a keyring with a musician’s face on was anything more than just a keyring.

Don’t abandon your musical gift plans just yet, though. If you want to give him something a little better than a microphone shaped lamp or a spoon that resembles a semiquaver, keep reading.

Here are our top 10 musical gift ideas for men

1. A Spotify premium gift card

Spotify gift card - Music gifts for men

Can be bought at: Amazon

Price when writing: £30 – £99

I’m someone who has music playing pretty much from the time I get up to the time I go to bed. And yet, I stubbornly spent years making do with a standard, free Spotify account. After upgrading, I’ll never, EVER go back to non-premium. How did I live that way? Suffering through ads, not being able to download playlists, and worst of all, not being able to skip tracks!

If he is a music lover, and he doesn’t already have a Spotify Premium account, get him one – he’ll be forever grateful!

You can purchase these from various places, but I wouldn’t be tempted by the less-than-face-value offers found on eBay. Instead, make sure you buy from a seller that you trust. We suggest Amazon, who offer cards in values of £30 (3 months), £60 (6 months), and £99 (12 months).


2. A Record Player

Ion Audio Max LP Record Player. A great music gift

Our suggestion: ION Audio Max LP

Selling points: Built in speakers. Thousands of positive reviews. Colour options.

Can be bought at: Amazon

Price when writing: £69.00

Music lovers love vinyl. Perhaps it’s the slight crackle you hear before the music starts that lends itself to a sense of increased authenticity. Or the ritual of de-casing a record and physically placing it on the player before carefully aligning the needle and watching the hypnotic spin of the black disc. But I digress. All you need to know is that music lovers LOVE vinyl. So if he doesn’t already have a record player, you have a fantastic opportunity to give him a truly special gift!

A record player with a couple of his favourite albums on vinyl might well be one of the greatest gifts he’s ever received. There are plenty of excellent models on the market, and many come with built-in speakers or are Bluetooth compatible, so he won’t need any extra gear to start listening! 

Check out the ION Audio Max LP. It has built-in speakers and includes the necessary inputs to connect external speakers if you want to enhance the sound (always check inputs before buying if you intend to use external speakers). You also get to choose between a black or wood finish on the body. 

At the time of writing, the ION Audio Max LP will cost you around £60.00, and it’s great quality for the price. However, as with any tech product, you will need to part with considerably more money if you want a top-of-the-range model.


3. Tickets to a gig

Live Concert - tickets make a great music gift for men

Provided you know the difference between your P!nk’s and your Pink Floyd’s, you really can’t go wrong with gig tickets. Sending him off to see his favourite band, artist, group, or DJ is one the best gifts you can give to a music-loving man, and it requires minimal effort on your part. Just find out who he likes (if you don’t already know), get online, see who is touring, buy tickets. And you’re done.


4. An obscure instrument + how-to guide

Donner Mandolin - musical gift ideas

Our suggestion: Donner Mandolin

Selling points: Good reviews. Accessories included. Low cost

Can be bought at: Amazon

Price when writing: £79.99

It’s never too late to learn an instrument, and they can make excellent gifts for musical men. I’m not saying go out and buy him a Cello, ten-piece drum set, or a grand piano. But rather, get him something small, cheap, and perhaps a bit obscure. If possible, include a tuition book to get him started.

This could be a harmonica, an African or Indian drum, a mandolin or ukelele, or even something really out there like a Hulusi (a type of Chinese flute that sounds awesome!). Unfortunately, the more obscure you get, the harder it becomes to find accompanying books for him to learn with. So unless he is already a musician with a knack for picking up instruments, it might be best to stick with something for which he can easily find user guides and online tuition videos.

Check out this Mandolin from Donnerwhich comes with picks, an electronic tuner, and a gig bag for just £79.99. Mandolin’s make perfect hobby instruments as they are relatively easy to learn, and guides/tutorials are abundant.


5. A set of quality earbuds/headphones

Beats Studio Buds

Our suggestion: Beats Studio Buds – True Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Selling points: Excellent audio quality. Premium build.

Can be bought at: Amazon

Price when writing: £129.00

If music matters to him, audio quality should too. He might not know that there is anything wrong with the £9.99 earphones he currently uses, and there probably isn’t – there are plenty of decent low-cost earphones available. However, splash out a bit on a higher spec, and he’ll notice the difference! 

You don’t need to get carried away here and start spending hundreds of pounds – unless you can afford it, in which case, go all out. But if you’re trying to stick to a budget, start looking in the area of £50 – £150. At the lower end of that spectrum, you’ll find some solid options, such as the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8 Premium Truly Wireless Bluetooth Earphones. But if you want to impress him, and you can afford to spend a bit more, check out the Beats Studio Buds – True Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds. These aren’t the very top of the range in wireless earbuds, but for the price, they are fantastic.


6. A personalised message from his favourite Musician

Cameo - book a personal message as a gift

This is by far one of the more extravagant musical gift ideas on our list, and it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. But, if the man in question has a particular band/artist/musician that he adores, it might just be possible for you to arrange a personal video message from them via Cameo. 

I have to admit, when I first heard about Cameo, I expected to find nothing more than a few one-hit-wonders from the ’90s and a bunch of reality TV stars. And while there is a lot of that, there are also some genuine musical legends from across the genres, including Rock, Rap, Metal, and Blues (plus actors/comedians and other types of famous folks). The prices vary depending, I assume, on the fame and relevance of the celebrity. To give you an idea of what to expect – you can book the actual Alice Cooper for as little as £225.


7. A compact portable speaker

Anker Soundcore Mini - portable speaker

Our suggestion: Anker Soundcore mini

Selling points: Very well reviewed. Low cost. Great quality for the price

Can be bought at: Amazon

Price when writing: £23.99

For those times when you want to take your music with you, but you don’t want to shut out the rest of the world with headphones, a compact portable speaker is just what you need. These things are small enough to fit in your pocket, making them perfect for carrying around the house with you as you move from room to room, taking camping, or livening up a garden party. 

You’ll be surprised at the volume and sound quality that comes out of these little devices and even more surprised at how affordable they can be.

Check out the Anker Soundcore mini, which has a staggering amount of positive reviews on Amazon, and at just £23.99, makes for an excellent low-budget gift for music lovers.


8. A band T-shirt

Nirvana t-shirt - a music gift idea for men

You only need to know two things to get him a musical gift that he’ll cherish – his t-shirt size and the name of his favourite band(s). And no, he isn’t too old for band-T. He’ll never be too old for a band-T – even if he does only wear it around the house.

Head over to Grindstore or Amplified Clothing, both of which stock a tonne of official merchandise. If you can’t find what you’re looking for with either of those, then try the band’s website, or see if they sell any merch through Bandcamp.


9. A magazine subscription

A Magazine subscription makes a great music gift idea

Our suggestion: MOJO Magazine

Selling points: Covers a broad range of musical styles

Can be bought at: MOJO

Price when writing: £57.00 (for 1 year)

If he’s the type of guy who likes to collect things or enjoys reading and prefers a physical copy over a webpage, then a magazine subscription could make the perfect music gift for him.

You may be wondering if anyone still publishes magazines in the digital age. Well, while there may not be as much choice as there was pre-internet, there are still some great magazines in print that are worthy of a subscription for a music lover.

For a general fan of all music, we suggest MOJO, for which you can get a whole years subscription for just £57.00. But if he’s into something more specific, have a google search and see what you can find!


10. TRIXES Set of 6 Vinyl Record Retro Music Coasters

Vinyl Coasters - novelty music gift

Can be bought at: Amazon

Price when writing: £5.49

Alright, I know I led you to believe that this list wouldn’t feature any novelty items. However, we had to include at least one lower budget option, so here it is – coasters that look like vinyl records…

As far fun novelty items go, these are pretty cool. They’d be a nice addition to a music room or an office with a heavy musical theme, and they are something that will actually be used!

So if a low-cost and fun novelty gift is what you’re after, these might be just the thing.